Denver Back Pain Specialist Unveils New Way to Fix Back Pain


By Michael Williams

Almost everyone begins experiencing some degree of back pain (especially Sciatica) starting between ages 30-40.

Some scientists attribute this to “intervertebral discs drying out, wearing away or shrinking” or… the “spine beginning to narrow.”

Others solemnly refer to “part of aging.”

But is it, really?

Are we back pain sufferers resigned to struggle sitting, sleeping or bending over?

Some health experts advocate various OTCs, prescriptions or surgery as the only way out.

But Denver back pain specialist Rick Olderman says he’s found a much more effective way to relieve back pain – quickly AND for the long-term.

It’s safe, effective and without the side effects from ingestibles or surgery.

This came as quite a shock to me, because our team has overseen over 50,000 of our own back pain clients.

But the results are undeniable. Using his method, it’s now possible to, at the very least, get major relief from almost any type of back pain.

Best case scenario? You have a good chance for complete relief.

And it couldn’t be easier to do, I might add!

In fact, the results have been so remarkable, we made a short “explainer video” detailing exactly how his pain-relieving method works.

It is online and free for the public to view and share.


The video team does make a simple request of those who watch:

“If watching this helps you relieve pain, get your body back and feel FREE again, then please share this video with your friends and loved ones. Together, we can help as many people avoid back pain as possible.”