Full Body Somatic Audios

If you’re wondering why your pain keeps coming back, it could be due to neural-based tension. 

One of the most powerful tools Rick found to eliminate chronic tension (which feeds the pain) is Hanna Somatics.

Rick recorded 8 audio lessons to help you release chronic pain patterns. Each one emphasizes a different pattern of movement in the body. They’re simple and gentle, yet especially effective in unlocking your body’s pain.

Simply follow the flow of his voice, move gently and release tension. 

After just one session you’ll likely feel a sense of flexibility you’ve never felt before.

Lesson #1 – Back Pain

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This routine helps gently release tension in the muscles along the spine to reduce back pain. Feel your tension and pain melt away during this 35 minute session.

Lesson #2 – Chest & Abs

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This routine targets the muscles in the front of your body, which may be chronically contracted. Expect to feel your chest and abdomen open and relaxed after this 30 minute session.

Lesson #3 – Your Waist

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Relaxing waist muscles is critical to relieving back and sciatic pain.
Few people have ever considered that their waist muscles may be caught in a reflex-contraction loop. This lesson will help unlock the trunk and pelvis relationship. 27 minutes.

Lesson #4 – Your Rotation

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Often, unilateral back or sciatic pain is a result of asymmetrical restricted trunk rotation. This lesson will help you mindfully explore your trunk rotation, discover possible limitations, and gently improve them. 25 minutes.

Lesson #5 – Hips

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Hip tightness contributes to knee, hip and back pain. This routine helps you explore new movements for your hips to help correct pain-causing tightness and restrictions. 27 minutes.

Lesson #6 – Neck

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This unique lesson addresses neck stiffness and its relationship with the eyes and trunk. Expect to find new connections in this area, resulting in much more comfort in your head and neck movements. 50 minutes.

Lesson #7 – Breathing

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This unique and creative lesson introduces breath control in a way you’ve likely never experienced. This lesson has powerful implications for improving your pain, stiffness & mobility. 27 minutes.

Lesson #8 – Walking

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Another unusual approach to breaking down walking and exploring different movements in smaller ways. This is a very successful lesson for those with foot, knee, hip or back issues. 33 minutes.

Why This Program Helps, Even When Others Haven’t

Traditional treatment methods do not have the depth of understanding about how different parts of the body affect each other to create or fix muscle tension.

Because of this, most treatments focus only on a small part of the body nearest your pain. But the connections in our bodies range farther than that. It took Rick years to figure all this out and develop a treatment approach to fix these issues.

You likely will not permanently fix a problem if you don’t fix the movement habits that are stressing your body.

That’s what Rick does differently and that’s why his approach is so successful. No-one else has made these connections as deeply as he has.

Based on our research, this is the only program of its kind.

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